Food Hunting at Borough Market, London

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There we go, food hunting at the infamous Borough Market, London.

No doubt, Borough Market has gained popularity among Asian tourists especially in the recent years and has been listed as one of the Must-Visit location. It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon. Despite the gentle drizzle, the market was bustling and fully packed with people, mainly the tourists.
The first stop - Pie & More, the beef pie with mashed green peas. Compare with the pie and mash green peas in A-Pie-Thing in PJ, this pie definitely scores big. The beef were well cook (tender) and the pastry was fluffy and did not turn overly soggy even though it was submerged in the brown sauce. The green peas were not overly mashed, so you can still taste the peas chunks. For only €4, this is really value for money. Not to mention, there were really filling.
Borough Market, London
Pie & More
African Ethiopian cuisine is not common is South East Asian and we really tempted to give it a try. The dishes looked absolutely appealing. For €5.50, the meal box came with 3 types of side dish of your choice to go with the flavored rice. We opted for spicy chicken, spinach and yellow split peas mash. The meal box tasted as good as it looks especially the split peas mash. The down side of the African meal box is the carbo overload after-effect. You would get very thirsty after the meal. 
Borough Market, London
After a plus size freshly squeezed strawberry and apple juice, I was totally satisfied and called it quit. The light snack, pan fried Gyoza ended the food hunt in Borough Market for the day. There are more things I would like to try in my next visit, such as seafood paella, scallop burger and panini cheese toast.
Borough Market, London

Legendary Crispy Duck @ Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, Bayswater London

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Crispy Duck at Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, LondonTrip to London is not complete without tasting the legendary Crispy Duck at Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant (at least for me). It is in my Must-Eat-List whenever I visit London. There is a Four Seasons Restaurant in Empire Mall, Malaysia which has the same dish in their menu. Unfortunately, the taste and texture are incomparable to the original London version. For the authentic taste, the London's version remains the sole winner.
Crispy Duck at Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, London
The duck skin is crispy whilst the duck meat is tender and juicy with a hint of Chinese herbs. You will surely crave for more after the first bite.

The complete set comes with duck (1/4 , 1/2, whole bird at your choice), pancake wraps, sweet sauce, cut cucumber and scallion strips.
Crispy Duck at Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, LondonHere is how I enjoy the dish.
1. Spread the sweet sauce on the wrap
2. Top it up with shredded duck meat, some scallion and cucumber strips on the wrap
3. Wrap it and devour ....
Crispy Duck at Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, London
The final look of my crispy duck wrap. Yum!!
Crispy Duck at Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, London
The 1/4 bird set comes with only 8 slices of pancake wraps and there are definitely more meat left for rice. These crispy duck meat is indeed fantastic to go with rice. You may order some vegetable or dishes to enjoy along. You will never go wrong with this stir-fry kailan with scallops. Crunchy kailan and fresh scallops are fantastic pairs.
Crispy Duck at Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, London
Chinese dinner is incomplete without a bowl of hot soup (especially during cold days in fall/winter). The wantons wrapped with minced pork and shrimps. Judging from the look, you can tell how good it is. 
Crispy Duck at Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, London
Despite the not so friendly service, it doesn't stop me from keep coming back. A hearty and satisfying meal.

84 Queensway, London W2 3RL, United Kingdom
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