Inside Madurodam, the famous Miniature Park in the Netherlands

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Miniature Park of the Netherlands

Spotted anything bizarre with this photo?  For those who are residing in the Hague, you could possibly guess where exactly the place is. Yes, this was actually a shot taken from Madurodom, the famous miniature park in the Netherlands.

Named after the World War II resistance hero George Maduro, the miniature park has been opened for public access since 1952. Madurodom houses the miniature model replicas of famous Dutch landmarks, castles and public buildings such as Het Loo Palace, Peace Palace, Dom Tower, Schiphol Airport, Rijkmuseum, Keukenhof, railway station etc.
Miniature Park of the Netherlands

Madurodum is an ideal place to explore the interesting 'places & buildings' in the Netherlands, especially for short-stay visitor who would like to find out more about the Netherlands but with limited time.

The typical canal with raised mechanical bridge for safe passage of boats.
Madurodam, the Miniature Park of the Netherlands

The famous Buitenhof in The Hague during Prince day, the official opening of Parliament session.
Madurodam, the Miniature Park of the Netherlands

The familiar blue & white KLM Royal Dutch's airplane at the Schiphol Airport, the mini version of course.
A scene of the famous Dutch cheese aution at the Alkmaar cheese market.
The replica model of the International Court of Justice a.k.a Peace Museum in the Hague City.
The residence palace for Princess Beatrix, Huis ten Bosch Palace.

Keukenhof in 1:25 scale. Looks pretty real ya.

The Shell petrol kiosk.
The Amsterdam Arena when the football match is taking place.

MadurodamGetting There
From The Hague Central train station, get onto Tram #9 (towards Scheveningen direction) and get down at Madurodam tram stop.

Admission Fee
You may opt to either purchase the ticket over-the-counter or online. Apparently, it is much cheaper to purchase the ticket online.
                                  Over-the-Counter      Online
Children < 3 years             Free                    Free
Children 3-12 years           €10,50                €9,45
Adults                              €15,00                €13,50

Upon entering the park, you will be given an ID card to access the interactive facilities in the park. Just flash the card to the scanner to play the interactive video set at some of the locations. Please do not forget to return the card upon check-out from the park. Just drop the card into the box placed at the exit door.

To find out more about Madurodum, check out their official website at

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