Little Farm Sanctuary at Clingendael Park @ The Hague

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Clingendael Park, The Hague

Blue sky, crystal clear stream, herds of white sheep munching green grass on the wide lawn. You wouldn't need to travel far for such picturesque scenery in The Hague. This little farm sanctuary is actually located at Clingendael Park, 15 minutes by bus from Den Haag Centraal train stattion.

The main attractions of the animal farm are none other the flurry donkeys and goats. These farm animals are tamed and friendly. They welcome a pat from the visitors. Kids can get close to them and feed them with grass.
Little Farm Sanctuary at Clingendael Park

I am fascinated with the doll-liked furry pair of donkeys. It is not common to have such thick fur donkeys back home. Don't they look adorable with long fur covering their eyes?
Little Farm Sanctuary at Clingendael Park

The goat is even cuter. Check out his reaction when being fed to, with its eyes closed. Such an indulge! From certain angle, it seems like he is kissing my hand ...
Clingendael Park, The Hague

Then he put up a miserable face, begging me to feed him more ... oh dear, I just adore this shot!
Clingendael Park, The Hague

Another candid captured at the sheep field. Two little lambs whispering with each others when they saw the strangers. From the stream of photos, I can relate to their dialogue.

Big bro   :  There come the strangers.
Little sis :  Opps ...
Big bro   :  Stay away from them. Mum told us, never talk to strangers.
Little sis :  Eemm ... I'm scared. Let's stay close to mum for protection and MILK ...
Clingendael Park

This is another interesting shot at an outskirt farm while I traveled to Harlem. I was in the train and I quickly grabbed my camera for a quick shot when I saw this little lamb taking a nap on the green lawn. Unlike the sheep in Clingendael animal farm, the adult sheep have been shaved for their wool.

I have a soft spot for goats and lamb, mainly because I used to have a baby lamb as pet when I was only 5 years old. I recalled feeding my 'little lamb' with milk in a milk bottle. Sweet memory indeed!
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