A Great Bowl of Bakso @ Warung Bude Kati in The Hague

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Warung Bude Kati @ the Hague
It did not cross my mind to order a bowl of bakso (Indonesian beef ball, usually serve in soup with noodles or vermicelli) for lunch, instead I just craved for a bowl of steaming soto ayam. My wish for the day was not granted as the soto ayam was out-of-stock and I ended up ordering the bakso.

Feeling a bit disappointed, I wasn't too eager to look forward to my lunch. However, little did I know this normal looking bowl of bakso apparently turned out to be surprisingly good and wow-ed me tremendously after the first bite.

The beef balls were indeed the highlight of the dish, succulent in texture, juicy and with no trace of gamey smell. The broth tasted extremely good and it went so well with the glass noodles. The chopped coriander leaf and mustard greens added the refreshing taste to the overall dish. Not to mention, the tender beef brisket and chewy tendons accompanying the dish completed the perfect bowl of bakso. It was nothing short of delicious and perfect to satiate your cravings for bakso.

I was truly delighted with the bakso as it was as good as the one I tasted in Bali years back. I remembered I was not satisfied with just a bowl but two. I even had bakso in the Bali Airport for dinner before boarding the plane home. Somehow, I had found the similar and authentic taste here in the Netherlands. This bakso really made my day!

There is nothing more satisfying than having a glass of icy cendol in a sunny afternoon. Unlike the cendol back home, the Indonesian version here is slightly richer with extra coconut milk. Instead of red beans, it is filled with jack fruit chucks. Quite a great drink for thirst quenching.
Warung Bude Kati @ the Hague

For those who are wondering which restaurant I actually patron for the above sumptuous Indonesian cuisine, it is non other the Warung Bude Kati Indonesian Restaurant at the Hague. The restaurant serves quite a wide range of Indonesian food including the famous rijsttafel. Read more about my post on Rijsttafel at Warung Bude Kati, The Hague

Warung Bude Kati @ the Hague
During my recent revisit to the restaurant, I discovered that Warung Bude Kati actually offers quite a great lunch deal to it customers. Taking this Nasi Campur Cilik set as example, for 8.50 you are served with 8 side-dishes with rice. Top-up with another 2.50, you can enjoy 2 sticks of sate. Quite a great deal!!

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