The Review of Song Phi Nong Thai Restaurant in The Hague

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Song Phi Nong Thai Restaurant
I hardly recall the main reason why Phoebe picked Song Phi Nong Thai Restaurant when I first suggested to have Thai food for lunch in the Hague. Somehow we did not get the chance to try out the restaurant as it serves only dinner crowd. We totally forgot about the restaurant until last Friday evening when we passed by the restaurant, it sparked our interest to give it a try.

The menu is pretty standard and we decided to order the same dishes we had in Thai Box sometimes back for comparison -- the Thai combo starter, tomyam kong and red curry chicken.

The Tomyam Kong was so-so, slightly lacked the required punch combo of spiciness, herbs and sourness of a typical tom-yam dish. Perhaps these version is modified to suit local taste-buds? Nevertheless, the plus point for this mild tasting tomyam was the fresh and succulent shrimps. For the tomyam, Thai Box's fairs way better.

Song Phi Nong Thai Restaurant

The appetizer platter combo was slightly smaller in size, but cheaper. The pandan chicken and the grilled chicken skewer were good while the rests were just average in taste. The fried shrimp roll tasted like frozen variety. Usually frozen food does not taste that good. Perhaps the sauces accompanying the dish did play an important role as the taste enhancer. Not a highly recommended dish even though I did enjoy the spicy satay sauce. Again, my vote goes to Thai Box for the appetizer platter.

The main dish, red Thai curry chicken however came in as a surprise to us. Full of flavors but not over-powered by the coconut milk. Unlike the offering in Thai Box, I did not find a thick layer of chili oil in the red curry chicken, hence this was definitely a healthier version - less oil and less fat (not overloaded with coconut milk too). I like the dish very much especially the aubergine. Soft and flavourful and there instantly melt into my mouth. Moreover, it was served steaming hot with the lighted candle underneath the little wok to preserve the warmth. For a rather fair price of €13.90 for this quality dish, my vote got to be Song Phi Nong for the main dish.

Song Phi Nong Thai Restaurant
With the final score at 1 vs.2, you know who the winner is. However, this is just my personal point of view as food judging can be pretty subjective and is very much dependent on individual taste-buds and preferences.

I do have a very good impression with Song Phi Nong and will sure return to try other dishes. The service is impeccable and most importantly the food are not over priced.

Song Phi Nong Thai Restaurant
Wagenstraaat 177
Den Haag
Tel:  070 36150 96

Operating Hour
Tue - Sun   17:00 till 00:00
Close on Mon

p/s: Apologies for the quality of the photos (shot on my iPhone 4).

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