Fruits on Trees in the Netherlands

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Hail from tropical country, I am always fascinated with the fruit trees grown in Oceanic climates in Europe. I am not new to fruits like apples, berries, pears, grapes, prunes and many other more as these are the common fruits we can get in grocer back home, even the seasonal ones are sold there too. However, when it comes to the actual plants, I seriously have limited idea on how they look like except for grapes and strawberries.

My stint in Europe has indeed given me the golden opportunity to get up-close and personal with these plants. Sharing in this post is the collection of fruits-on-the-trees shots in the Netherlands which I manage to capture in summer and early autumn.

1) Prunes
Captured in the shot are the half ripe prunes. Check out the vibrant blue plus green hues. Aren't they deceptively appealing?

2) Blackberries
Found this plant at the quiet neighborhood near Haagse Bos, The Hague. Fully grown with berries but the plant was unattended. There were a mix of blue and red color berries which I presume the latter was the unripe one. I was so tempted to plug one and pop-into my mouth but put a stop because I was unsure what plant was it and it might be poisoiness. Silly me ...

3) Grapes
My favorite fruit, grapes! They looked absolutely sweet and juicy! My dad used to grow grapes in front of our front yard, unfortunately the grapes were not edible. They took forever to get ripe and they ended-up as the display in our garden.

4) Pears
Another favorite of mine, the crunchy pears. I got very excited when I saw pear trees in the garden of Grand Hotel Karel V, Utrecht. Judging from the look, I could tell these pears are crunchy. Even though they taste sweeter and juicier, the well ripped pears could be too soft for me. So, I still stick to the hard and crunchy version. Yum !! 

5) Green Apples
Fresh and crunchy looking green apples like these are simply irresistible. I would have plug one and give a big bite if no one see it ... haha.

6) Red Baby Apples
You can never get these in grocers back home. Not sure whether they are edible but they look absolutely gorgeous.

7) Nutmeg
Syrup nutmeg pickles were once my favorite snacks. I always saw the hand drawn nutmeg images on the packaging but had no idea at all on how the actual plant looks like. I even Google online to find out what exactly the plant is after the shot. Yup, these are fresh nutmeg fruits, very different indeed from the end products which we can get from Penang island back home.

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