15 Minutes Meal: Curry Shrimps and Paprika Toast

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

My initial plan was to have pasta for dinner tonight. I soon realized I was running out of spaghetti and any form of pasta in my kitchen. How can a shopaholic forgot about her staple food while doing her weekly grocery? Simple answer, there wasn't any pasta on sale in Albert Heijn ...

I skip the idea to cook rice as it may take more than 20 minutes to cook a pot of rice. Down with the defrosted shrimps and diced paprika (also known as capsicum or bell-pepper) which I prepared earlier of the day, I decided to make something quick -- the Curry Shrimps and Paprika Toast.

simple toast recipe

In a heated pan with cooking oil, stir-fry the shrimps and paprika. Once the shrimps turned red, add in 4 tbsp of Patak's Original Indian Curry Sauce and cook for another 2 minutes before dish out. The final touch is to top the shrimps and paprika curry sauce on a slice of  toast.

For a color twist, I served my toasts with some green cucumber salad -- mini cucumber sticks with honey mustard mayonnaise salad dressing. This is indeed a very refreshing salad which I highly recommended. Unlike the conventional mayonnaise salad dressing, the honey mustard mayonnaise salad dressing is lighter and the mustard seeds provide the added texture and heat to the salad. Salad lovers, please try this at home and you will definitely love it.

cucumber pickle salad

Another 15 minutes meal and I enjoyed it in front of my TV. Haha ... this is what I reckon, a lazy but yummy meal!
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