Breathtaking Sceneries at Kijkduin Beach @ The Hague

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Kijkduin Beach at the Hague

Kijkduin is an underrated yet amazing seaside resort facing the North Sea near the Hague. It is underrated because there is another more famous seaside resort nearby: Scheveningen. Unlike Scheveningen, which is jam packed round the year by tourists all over the Netherlands, Kijkduin is relatively peaceful and more laid-back yet it boast stunning sceneries, white sandy beach, beautiful promenades and friendly paved walkways. In short, it is perfect for a family weekend day-out.

There are a handy of brave souls surfing and swimming at the beach albeit the cold and chilly north sea. I did enjoy munching on Kibbeling and Patat, the Dutch version of fish and chips sold by 2 shops at the beach. There were also a handful of restaurants at the promenade including a small shopping complex to cater for the diverse crowds. It is very easy to get to Kijkduin beach from the Hague city center--only about 20-30 minutes via HTM bus.

White sandy beach at Kijkduin

Check out the long, white and clean beach front.
Kijkduin Beach
Relatively clean and clear North sea flank by dozens of sea gulls.
Kijkduin Beach at the Hague

The wooden fence added a sense of rustic and charm to Kijkduin beach.
Wooden fence at Kijkduin Beach

If you have the stamina, do hike up the pavement to the small ruins on top of the sand dunes. You will be rewarded richly by the breath-taking panoramic view of the entire Kijkduin beach.
Small abandoned ruins at Kijkduin Beach

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of Scheveningen beach, do give Kijkduin beach a try. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
Kijkduin Beach at the Hague

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