Pretzel King "Brezelkonig" @ Basel Switzerland

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On my recent trip to the Swiss capital of watch production: Basel, I wowed to try as many local delicacies as possible. Pretzel, the unique baked bread with a knot-like shape which originated from the Swiss German area is high on my food-sampling list. 

Lady luck was definitely on my side as I smell the unmistakable scent of freshly baked pretzel while visiting the famous red-colored Basel town hall at Marktplatz. I quickly finished my tour and yupe, there is a pretzel stall with a promising name "Brezelkonig" in front of Manor shopping center.

There were dozen of more types of pretzels on offer from the original flavor to melted cheese. The size of the pretzels were huge and at least 2x as large when comparing to Aunt Anne's version. Priced from CHF 3 onwards, I was tempted to try all varieties. In the end, since breakfast was just over an hour ago,  I chose the pumpkin seed and sesame version.
Pumpkin Seed Brezelkonig

The dough was top quality and I love the crunch and sweetness from the pumpkin seed. My only complaint would be the excessive used of salt on top.

Sesame Seed Brezelkonig
The same could be said of the sesame seed version too, love the earthiness from the toasted sesame seeds to bits. Hence, if you crave for a good old quality pretzel in Basel, do try out the version of Brezelkonig.
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