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Eazie Salads Wok Smoothies
If given the option to choose between hot meals and cold meals, I will definitely opt for the former. It is pretty common for Asians to have hot meals for every meal in a day, from breakfast to supper. A typical example would be porridge for breakfast, noodle soup for lunch, rijktafel for dinner and mee mamak goreng for supper.

There is this particular take-away food joint in the Hague which is my favorite place for hot meals, name Eazie. In Eazie, food are prepared fresh right in front of you (the tai-chow or wok-ing style) and customized to your exact taste. There are a wide selection of ingredients to choose from. The ingredients are fresh and high in quality. You are free to select your own ingredients and sauce to go with your rice or noodles. You even have the option to choose your preferable type of noodle if you go for the noodle dishes. It is indeed a well adopted concept and differentiated from the conventional Chinese Restaurants.

I personally adore this concept as it well suits for a picky-geek like me. I do have problems sometime when specifying my 'special request' at the tai-chow 大炒 stalls back home. I either get incorrect orders or rejected requests. This can be pretty annoying and sometimes I just give in and just stick to the 'standard'. Perhaps the best option I have is to remove the 'least favorite' from my noodle one-by-one. It may take some effort and time but still better than getting my order mixed-up.

A standard order costs around €6 per portion (pretty huge portion) and is definitely cheaper than the hot meals your get from normal Chinese Restaurants. A plate of Kung Po Chicken with rice can easily costs you €12 per portion, a 50% premium over Eazie.

Just in case you are curious how to order from Eazie, here are the 4 simple steps:
Step 1: Select your meat from a choice of fish, chicken, beef, prawn or lamb
Step 2: Select your choice of sauce from garlic, Thai curry, black chili, Bombay curry, sweet sour, Japanese Teriyaki to Sate sauce
Step 3: Select your choice of carbo from steam rice, fried rice, Japanese Udon to ramen

Step 4: Choose 5 types of vegetables from the veggie counter

Quite a great concept to be adopted in Asia. I do hope someday in near future, we will have the food joint like Eazie in Malaysia. Eat healthy, live Eazie!
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