Tasty Home Delivery Indian Food @ Chef India in The Hague

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It has been months since I last tasted Indian food. I seriously have deep craving for India food.
It was a weekly affair to have Indian food back home and it is a MUST for me. However, it seems almost impossible to keep up with this 'life-style' in the Netherlands until I discovered Chef India, the home delivery Indian food services recently.

My first experience with Chef India was good.

  • Hassle free: just a click away. Order are done online and only need to pay on delivery
  • Reliable delivery: your food is delivered on-time around 45 mins
  • Reasonable price: it is definitely much cheaper than the normal Indian restaurants in town
In terms of the taste, it fairs pretty well too, mainly because you are given the option to decide how spicy you want your dish to be.

I was delighted with the Alloo Baingan potato eggplant dish. The eggplants were cooked to perfection, savory in taste and instantly melt into your mouth. I can eat it just on its own. Love this this very much.

Fresh potatoes and aubergines prepared and cooked in fresh tomato, onion, and garlic Punjabi masala.

The daal on the other hand was less exciting as it was thicker than the normal daal I used to have in Malaysia. Also, it was pretty one dimensional without other ingredients such as radish, carrot or potato. Perhaps this is the Northen Indian's version - thicker in texture and purely daal grain only.
A mixture of Lentils gently slow cooked with Indian spices

The Chicken Tikka Masala tasted pretty good. The chicken pieces were well marinated and grilled to perfection in a Tandoor oven before cooking in the rich Masala gravy. I opted for the mild taste tikka masala and I believe the spicy version would taste even better. Will definitely try the spicy version next time.
Cut chicken fillet marinated and braised in a clay oven then cooked in a rich masala sauce
It takes an minimal order of 20 and above to qualify for free delivery services and hence I topped up another 1 for the mixed pickles. Wise choice indeed as the achar went so well with the other rather rich dishes.
Chef India
Perhaps it comes as complimentary, I got 2 big pieces of papadum which I didn't recall I ordered any. Thanks to Chef India ... I did have a very hearty lunch and have left over to keep for the next day or two.
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