What Every Tourist Must Try in The Netherlands?

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It has been ages since I last biked. If my memory served me right, it was more than 3 years ago in Janda Baik Village Home, Pahang. Located at the outskirt of city center with village style environment, Janda Baik Village Home is an ideal place for biking. Unfortunately it wasn't a pleasant ride for me as I was on an old bike with flatted tires. I reckon it was pretty 'dangerous ride' due to the ill condition of the bike. It lasted for a mere 10 minutes before I called it off.

This will never be the case in the Netherlands. Not only the Netherlands is equipped with good cycling path, biking rental with good condition bikes are easily accessible too. Biking is indeed a great way to explore the Netherlands and is a MUST-DO activity if you happen to be in the Netherlands.

It took me months to get my wish materialized - biking in the Netherlands. I have been waiting for the perfect timing for biking. Yup, the summer! Winter might not be a good time to bike as the icy condition or melting snow resulted in a rather slippery pathway. Spring & Fall maybe a little too chilled for my biking escapade.

The first ride was a bit awkward to say the least. I was not used to the bike as I was overly dependent on hand brake. Unlike the bikes back home, the way to stop the bike here is by reversing the paddles. However it did not take long for me to master the art of braking. It was a fantastic ride and I really look forward my next biking adventure soon.

Bike rental in the Hague is slightly limited. However, these are the two you may consider

1. Best to go early in the morning as most of the bikes would be 'out' by noon  (based on my very own experience)
2. You will have better selections of bikes if you are an early bird
3.You may either return the bike on the same day before 6pm or even kept it overnight and
return it before 10am the next day.

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