Ultimate Breakfast Granola Muffin Addiction

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Dried fruits and pumkin seeds muffin

I've never been a die-heart fan for muffin until I 'met' my favourite muffin. It is so good which I have been having it for 3 consecutive days without missed. My colleague reckoned me as a muffin addict. Perhaps he is right ... as I had been grumbling like little kid when my favourite muffin was sold out at the coffee corner last Friday.
Dried fruits and pumkin seeds muffin

Chocolate muffin may top my list of the most desirable muffin but it could be overly sweet and fattening. However, not for this muffin as healthy ingredients are used and it's less sweet than the normal muffins which you can get in major grocer. Taste as good as it looks, you will not be let down by this breakfast muffin after the first bite.

This granola muffin is jam packed with different types of dried fruits (i.e. cranberries, apricots, raisins, dates and carrot) and pumpkin seeds. The granola has indeed created the complex texture to the overall fluffy and moist muffin. Every single bite is a surprise as a minute you are munching at the sweet cranberries and another minute you are munching at the nutty pumpkins seeds. What a great indulge!
Breakfast muffin
Being a pumpkin seeds and cranberries lover, this breakfast muffin simply fit my bill perfectly. I like the lasting fruity scent lingering in my mouth after every bite. Simply love it!
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