My Top 5 Favorite Dutch Sweet Snacks

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In all honesty, I do not possess sweet tooth but was transformed ever since I landed in the Netherlands almost a year ago due to the irresistible Dutch's sweet snacks.

Featured in this post are my top 5 favorite Dutch sweet snacks, which are non-seasonal and are available all year long.

1) Butter Apple Walnut Cake
Dutch Sweet Snacks
The butter apple walnut cake (Rb Appelnoten Koek) married both my favourite snacks together - nuts and cakey appeltaart and there is no way I am not falling in love with it. The nuts, apple filling and tart blend in perfectly while the sweetness level is just perfect. You may enjoy it on room temparatue or chuck it in the oven for a couple of minutes, it is entirely up to you. For me, I prefer the latter. The pipping hot apple walnut cake surprisingly tasted as fresh as the one freshly baked from the oven.

2) Sugar Waffle
Dutch Sweet Snacks

Sugar waffle is unmistakably the twin sister to the famous squarish Belgium waffle. They might look pretty alike but with completely different texture and taste profile. Distinguished from its twin sister, sugar waffle is 'embedded' with crystal sugar bits and with bread-like texture. Usually sold in individual packaged, sugar waffle serves as a perfect snack for those who are on-the-go (like me) as it is ready to eat without any additional jam or spread. The chocolate coated sugar waffle is available if you are a chocolate lover too.

3) Butter Apple Round 
Dutch Sweet Snacks

Butter apple round is also known as 'roombuter appelkoeken' in Dutch. It has the taste profile very similar to our pineapple tart and is absolutely delicious. The tart is fluffy and not overly buttery. The sweet apple jam blends in perfectly and created an addictive fruity taste. Seriously speaking, you can't be satisfied with just a single piece. If you are a big fan of pineapple tart, you gotta love this, the Dutch butter apple round. Yum!

4) Gevulde Koek (filled cake)
Dutch Sweet Snacks
Dutch refer to it as  Boter Gevulde Koek, loosely translated as 'butter filled cake' but they are actually butter pastries with various types of filling such as almond paste. Since I am an aficionado for Chinese pastries especially 'Tao Sa Peng', naturally I like these koek too. The two have very similar pastries texture profile, except the Dutch's version is slightly thicker. To be honest, I do enjoy the pastries more than the filling and I really don't mind if they serve the 'kosong' koek here - the koek without filling. These butter koek comes is various fillings and is available in most of the grocers and pastry shops.

5) Stroopwafels
Dutch Sweet SnacksA typical Dutch delicacies, stroopwafels has maintained its classic flavor, the caramel flavor (only caramel flavor is available). A layer of caramel spread ozzing in between 2 slices of wafer thin batter crisps, stroopwafels are highly fond by both kids and adults. According to the Dutch, the best way to enjoy the stroopwafels is to prepare a cup of hot coffee with a slice of big round stroopwafels and allow the caramel to melt by the steam from the hot coffee. Brilliant idea isn't it? I guess the Denise's way is equally good either - just heat up the stroopwafels in microwave for 30sec. Piping hot Netherlands delicacy for less than 1 Euro: Stroopwafels

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