Fabulous Pontian Style Instant Noodle

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Instant noodles with ketchup
Instant Noodles Pontian style with egg roll
Tired of breads, perhaps it's time for something different. Let's have instant noodle with some homestyle twist.

This instant noodle recipe is actually originated from my dear aunt who hails from Johor, the Southern part of Peninsular Malaysia. I believe her recipe is inspired by the Pontian style wanton noodle. Unlike the wanton noodle in KL, the so called Pontian style wanton noodle in Johor is tossed in ketchup (or tomato sauce) instead of black soy sauce. Hence, the noodle coated in red looks really appetizing.

The noodles
Pontian style instant noodle in ketchup sauce
Instant noodle in ketchup sauce
For the instant noodle, any type will do as we are not going to use the seasoning, instead we will be preparing our own sauce. The recipe for the sauce is as simple as ABC. All you need are sesame oil, ketchup (tomato sauce), sweet sauce, dash of water, fried shallots and pepper. Mix everything together to form the sauce. Drizzle the sauce over the cooked instant noodles and toss well until all the noodles are well coated. Sprinkle some diced scallions on top of the noodle as the finishing touch.

The egg rolls
Egg roll wrapped with scallions
Egg rolls
It can be pretty boring to have noodle alone. So, I made some egg rolls to go with my Pontain style instant noodle. It is just a simple omelet rolls with fillings of baby Romania lettuce and scallion stripes.

A simple yet complete meal. Yum!!
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