Spinach Salad (Sigeumchi Namul) and Kimbap

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Sigeumchi Namul

Leafy spinach is my all-time-favourite. Spinach is so versatile and can easily turn into delicious dish just by simply stir-frying it. In today's recipe, I am going to show you the simplest method to prepare spinach, the Korean way without heating up your pan. It is known as Sigeumchi Namul in Korean or in spinach salad in English.

Ingredients: 1 bag of spinach, sesame oil, sesame seeds, rice vinegar and salt.
Instruction: Boil the spinach in hot water for 30 second. Drain the spinach and cool the spinach under the cold running water. Squeeze out the excess water. In a bowl, mix the sesame oil, rice vinegar and salt to taste. Mix the dressing with the spinach and sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds before serving.

The delicious spinach salad goes super well with my home baked chicken breast and potato wedges.

Not only I eat it as a side dish for my baked chicken and potato wedges, I even have it in my kimbap (Korean seaweed roll).
Korean seaweed rice roll Seaweed, rice, sesame oil, rice vinegar are the main ingredients for the kimbap. For the rests, you may have any of your favourite ingredients. For me, sigeumchi namul, cocktail sausage, carrot stripe, egg roll cut into stripes are all that is required.

The kimbap rice is a bit under seasoned for this first attempt. Perhaps, some soy-source may help to enhance the taste. I will remember to add it in the next time.
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