Paleis Het Loo Cafe

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Het Loo Palace, The Netherlands

The weather was quite pleasant in the morning when I toured around the garden in Appledon palace. It started to drizzle in the afternoon and I decided to stop by the cafe for a cup of hot chocolate while waiting for the rain the stop. 
Het Loo Palace, The Netherlands

The Renaissance style surrounding of the cafe induced me to stay a bit longer as it was way too pleasant, plus I have gotten a window seat! 
Het Loo Palace, The Netherlands

Cakes and sandwiches sold in the cafe looked extra appealing here. Perhaps I was in good mood and was totally not being impacted with the weather. I ordered a slice of apple tart, an open sandwich with shrimps and cream fresh.
Paleis Het Loo Restaurants

I was blown away by the apple tart. The crust and filling was super delicious. The apple chucks were well baked with crust at the outer layer, moist and soft inside. The cinnamon taste is just right, not over powering the freshness of the apple chucks. It was indeed a thumb up for me as it suited my taste bud perfectly as it was not overly sweet.
Het Loo Palace Restaurant (Paleis Het Loo)

Despite the great look, the savory shrimps open-face sandwich did not wow me. The bread turned a bit soggy which I suspected it was in the shelf for quite sometimes and the moisture from the shrimps and creams has soaked up into the bread. Perhaps I should have requested the counter to heat up the bread in the oven for a few minutes before serving.
Paleis Het Loo (Het Loo Palace Restaurant)

The hot chocolate and apple tart did make my day. The rain started to stop and I have almost done with my afternoon tea. I did a quick tour around the garden in front of the cafe. The surrounding was breathtaking with flowers and fruit trees blossom in full. After a few photo snapped, I then walked to the nearer bus stop and headed back home. 
Paleis Het Loo, The Netherlands (Het Loo Palace Restaurant)

Paleis Het Loo, The Netherlands

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