Easy and Tasty Homemade Gyoza

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Crispy Gyoza
I have long for gyoza or Japanese dumpling since my last trip to London borough market. I deliberately spent my weekend shopping at the Asian grocer to collect relevant ingredients. Of course there are frozen gyoza available for sale, but nothing beats the homemade version which is superior in taste and miles healthier without any preservatives.

It is indeed simple to make your own gyoza with the ready made gyoza wrappers. Of course you may also make your own wrapper, but I find in more convenience with the ready made wrappers. I have attempted the homemade gyoza wrapper before and it turned out to be less crispy. Perhaps, the dough was not perfect was slightly thick.

Here are the ingredients for the gyoza.
350g of chicken mince, 1 pack of ready made gyoza wrappers, scallion (finely chopped), salt, pepper, sesame oil, soy sauce, cooking oil, water.

1. Add some salt, pepper, sesame oil and soy sauce to the chicken mince
2. Stir the mixture in clockwise direction (stir in one direction only) till it turned to paste form. You may stop the stir process once the meat paste turn slightly gluey. This means, you can start to wrap the gyoza.
3. Place a small table spoon of the chicken paste in the middle of the gyoza wrapper. Fold it to half moon shape. Seal the wrapper edge with some water. You may use a brush or just damp the wrapper edge with your finger.
5. Heat up some cooking oil in the skillet and pan fry the wrapped gyoza to golden brown.

The best way to enjoy the gyoza is to eat it with the special homemade dipping sauce - sesame oil and vinegar plus some sliced ginger.

A recipe worth a try. Happy trying!

Crispy Gyoza

Korean Inspired Potato and Carrot Salad

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Potato and Carrot Salad
Given just an hour before my appointment, I really needed a quick bite. It has to be something quick (fast and easy to prepare) and at the same time substantial which could sustain me fot the next 3 hours.

I do have pre-packed cereal chicken fillet in the fridge ... emmm, how about some potato salad to pair with it? Sounds like a perfect plan since it does not take long to boil the potatoes. So, this is what I have prepared, the Korean inspired potato salad. Check out the recipe.
Ingredients: potato and  carrot (cut into chunks), gochujang (Korean chili paste), vinegar, salt and pepper, sugar, sesame oil and sesame seeds.
Instructions: In a bowl, mix gochujang, vinegar, salt and papper, sugar, sesame oil together to form the dressing. Bring the potato and carrot chucks to boil. Drain the potato and carrot. Pour in the dressing and mix everything well. Lastly, sprinkle some sesame seed on top.

There you go, a simple side dish in less than 15min to prepare but tasted fantastic. Enjoy!
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