Cheap and Tasty Eat at Berlin's Railway Stations

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Berlin is surprisingly a food paradise. From Western to Middle Eastern and Asian, Berlin has it all. The beautiful part of it is, you don't have to travel far for good food here. The railway stations near you  could be the best place to explore a variety of cuisines. You will be amazed and will definitely be spoil with choices.

In this post, I would like to share with all some of the good food I have tried in Berlin, specifically at the railway stations. Check it out!!

1) Currywurst
pork sausage in ketchup and curry powder
Slices of grilled pork sausage in ketchup and curry powder, the Currywurst is an iconic German's fast food. It is so well accepted by both the locals and tourists, the Currywurst stands are like mushrooms after the rain, can be easily spotted almost everywhere. Selling at only €2.5 per portion (usually serve with a seperate bun or baguette), I would say it is a cheap yet delectable snack one should not miss when visiting Germany.

2) Klässig's F!sh & Ch!ps
Klässig's F!sh & Ch!ps
Can be found in major central stations, the local fast food chain, Klässig's F!sh & Ch!ps specialized in fish and seafood. It has an extensive menu which fits any hours of the day. They serve finger food (fried bite size fish fillets and shrimps), baguette sandwiches and also proper meal such as grill fresh fish with baked potatoes and salad.
Klässig's F!sh & Ch!ps
If you want something more substantial, the house specialty fish paella could just fit perfectly! The portion of the paella is huge and is loaded with fried fish chunks, squid, prawns and mussels. The salad accompanying the paella is prepared fresh over the counter. Thumbs-up for the fish paella! For a reasonable price of €8.90, the fish paella is definitely VFM (value for money).

3) Kebab and Middle Eastern Kebab Rice
Middle Estern kebab

Kebab joint is another popular food joint patronize by the locals as well as tourist alike. As convenience as the bread and sandwiches, the to-go kebab wrap (€4.00) is definitely an ideal pick for the meat lovers. Loaded with grilled chicken (or beef) shreds and fresh veggie such as cucumber, tomato, onion and cabbage, kebab wrap is far healthier than the fast food which is high saturated fat.
If you are not on the go, perhaps you may dine-in for a plate of flavourful Middle Eastern kebab rice (€8.90). The fluffy raisin rice is indeed a highlight. The texture is much better than the normal white rice serve in Chinese restaurants.

4) BackWerk
Just like the Albert Heijn To-Go, the self service bakery, BackWerk can be found in almost every railway station in Berlin. Freshly baked breads, crusty rolls, sandwiches, filled baguettes and rolls, paninnis, an assortment of pastries are on offer. Don't be surprise that the selection here is way more extensive than their sister outlets in the Netherlands. The famous German's pretzels are sold here too.

5) Asia Food

For Asian tourists who prefer Chinese food, especially noodles and rice to fill their tummies, fear not! Cheap Chinese food is absolutely within reach at the railway stations. A generous portion of normal fried noodles is selling at a rock bottom price of €2.50 per serving!! I doubt you can get this price in the Netherlands. If you fancy side dishes such as spring rolls, crispy chicken etc to go with the noodles, you just need to top-up another €2.

Made-to-order menu such as soup based curry noodles, pad-thai, Thai curry chicken with rice, spicy sauce chicken with rice etc are available too. You just need to wait for a 10-15 minutes for your food to be served. Either to-go or dine-in, you have the choice since proper dining area is provided too.

How to best describe my food venture in Berlin? Definitely good food, great price and highly convenient of course!!
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