Roasted Chicken Drumstick Sandwich

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kebab style sandwich
The chicken drumstick is on sales in AH grocer this week. So, I fetch a pack home on Friday evening with the aim to indulge myself with some lip-smacking home-made roasted chicken drumsticks over the weekend.

Chicken drumsticks with roasted potato sounds a bit too conventional and boring. Still highly inspired by the fantastic kebab wrap which I tasted in Berlin sometimes ago, I decided to made myself the kebab style roasted chicken drumstick sandwich. It is basically a stuffed bun with shredded roasted chicken pieces and tomato cucumber salsa.

Roasted Chicken Drumsticks
I have my chicken drumsticks marinated overnight to ensure the meat is properly brine and infused with curry powder and sweet cayenne pepper. I brought the marinated chicken drumsticks to room temperature an hour before popping into the oven for baking.

To find out how the roasted chicken drumstick is prepared, check out this link.

Roasted chicken drumstick sandwich

Tomato Cucumber Salsa
This is probably the easiest salsa recipe. Dice the tomato and cucumber into cubes, season with some salt and pepper. For the extra zing, just squeeze in 1/2 a lime and mix the salad well.

Roasted chicken drumstick sandwich
This is how I enjoy my sandwich. I first topped the toasted bun with shredded chunks of roasted drumstick, then followed by a generous portion of well-seasoned tomato cucumber salsa. Garlic chilli sauce was added last for the extra kick. Then ... dig-in of course!!

Roasted Chicken Drumstick Sandwich
What a great Saturday's branch! I was stuffed with the delectable home-made roasted chicken drumsticks plus my new invention, the kebab style roasted chicken drumstick sandwich.

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