Sumptuous Chinese Food in Rotterdam

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20 for a dual set of Chinese mixed rice plus a pot of tea is considered pricey for me. Perhaps we were being ripped-off?
Stir fried long beans with prawns
Stir fried long beans with prawns and salted fish floss

stir fried vege with prawns
Curry chicken and stir fried long beans with prawns
The initial plan was to have Chinese Dim Sum in Rotterdam Chinatown. Blame it on my forever
in hunger state little tummy, it just couldn't wait for a mere 30 more minutes to be filled (dim sum restaurant opens only at 12 noon).

Due to the rather chill weather, anything to do with rice and noddles would just be fine for us. Hence, we settled in this little Asian food stall, few units away from Wah Nam Hong Rotterdam.

It is on mixed rice concept where you can choose dishes to accompany with rice or noodles. Fascinated with the salted-fish floss, I ordered a portion of it to go with my plain rice. The only veggie dishes of the day was the stir fried long beans with shrimps. So we both ordered the same veggie dish, but Phoebe opt for curry chicken as another side dish.

Seriously, the food tasted pretty good here. I was delighted with my choice, the salted-fish floss. This was my first time trying this and it tasted as good as it looked. Boneless and not too salty as i originally anticipated. Ideal dish to accompanied a steaming bowl of porridge.

The stir fried long bean with shrimps was not bad too. The long beans were crunchy in taste and with generous portion of shrimps. The portion of the curry chicken was huge too. The sauce was just nice to go with the dry plain rice. 

Quite a satisfying meal after all. Perhaps tasty food costs slightly more than average. Quality is quantifiable, do you agree?

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