Superb Dim Sum Treat @ Full Moon Restaurant in The Hague

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Full Moon Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant, The Hague
The eve of Queen's day outdoor concert (The Life I Live Festival) would take another 3 hours to start. To pass time, Phoebe suggested we go for a quick dim sum break, where we could recharge and refill before the big party starts.

The Full Moon Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown was our pick of the day due to it's convenient location, just a few streets away from the concert stage. For a dim sum treat for two, we go 'gentle' with the selections where only five dim sums were sampled.

1. Steam Rice Noodles Roll with Beef
Steam rice noodles roll with shrimp or char siew are pretty common, but this beef version is my first ever try. I was a bit skeptical at the first impression, but was totally wow-ed over by the taste. This is shockingly good! The steam rice noodle is silkily smooth, so does the filling. The filling is not chewy as I thought, but soft and moist, more akin to the texture of steamed fishcake. The beef filling is further enhanced with the minced coriander leaves and madarin orange peels. What a great combo of flavors!   
Full Moon Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant, the Hague

2. Shrimp Dumpling (Har Gao)
One can really tell how fresh the shrimps are by just a single bite. The moist and succulent shrimps instantly hooked me up with this shrimp dumplings. Not to mention, the translucent skin dough is thin and not overly chewy. Big thumbs up!
Full Moon Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant, The Hague

3.  Fried Taro Dumpling
I expect these fried taro or yam dumplings to be greasy but it turned out to be otherwise. Crunchy on the outside and juicy inside. The warmth and oozing minced meat and green peas filling instantly fill your palette after a bite. It is indeed a very well executed dish.
Full Moon Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant, The Hague

4. Fried Turnip Cake
This is another surprising dish. Unlike the turnip cakes back home which are mashed beyond recognition, you could easily discern the chunky shredded turnip and dried shrimps in every mouthful. It definitely tasted more authentic and 'natural'. Bear with me, I just dislike the artificial floury taste of run-of-the-mill turnip cake.
Full Moon Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant, The Hague

5. Char Siew Bao
This is by far the best char siew bao I have ever tasted. I dislike chunky pork fat in my char siew bao and to my surprise I hardly even find one piece in this char siew bao. The thinly sliced pork filling is flavorful in taste and the outer bun is both soft and fluffy. The filling and the bun are indeed match made in heaven. You will never go wrong with these char siew bao. Definitely a must-order dish!
Full Moon Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant, The Hague
After sampling the dim sum in Full Moon Restaurant, I soon understand why the restaurant is always packed on weekend. It is the great food that draws the crowd. Despite the not so friendly service, I reckon I'll be back soon for more dim sum, perhaps on another weekday.

Just for information, there is an on-going dim sum promotion on the weekdays (from 12 noon to 5pm), where dim sum is sold at a very reasonable price of  €2.95 per dish. Pretty good value for money!

Full Moon Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant
Gedempte Burgwal 24-26
2512 BV Den Haag
Tel: 070-3653889

Operation hours
Daily  12:00 till 01:00

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