Spare Rib Express - Convenient, Cheap and Delicious!

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The best home delivery restaurant in the Netherlands
A complete Spare Ribs Menu with 650 gram of ribs, a baked jacket potato, a salad and two type of sauces for a mere €17 and is delivered to your doorstep without any additional delivery charges. This is truly value for money!

This is in fact a single portion menu, however, the portion is huge enough to easily feed two adults.
Spare Ribs Express

Being cheap doesn't mean the quality has been compromised. The ribs are well marinated, tender and moist. Coupled with the sauces, they tasted lip-smackingly good. Unlike the ribs served in the restaurant, these ribs are less salty so that you can enjoy the ribs with the sauces without thirsting yourself. Credits to the chef!

Besides the classic flavor, you can also have the ribs marinated in hot, sweet or BBQ flavor. In terms of extra sauce to go with the ribs, you can opt for shaslicksaus (I guess this is their in-house specialty sauce), garlic, whiskey, curry or peanut sauce.
Spare Ribs Express

Spare Ribs Express

This tangy tasting salad is indeed a highlight, pickled cucumbers are used instead of the common fresh cucumbers. The creaminess and sourness of the salad is just perfect to harmonize the whole set meal.
Spare Ribs Express

There comes the huge baked jacket potato. The garlic butter cream is packed separatedly. Before digging in, just spread the garlic butter cream over and sprinkle some salt on top (salt sachet is also provided). If garlic is not your liking, you may eat it with the tangy salad. Trust me, it tastes good!!
Spare Ribs Express

The Spare Rib Express is perhaps the cheapest in town. Next time when you crave for spare ribs but worried about burning a hole in your wallet, why not opt for the home delivery service from Spare Rib Express. Anyway, it is just a call or a click away. Convenient, cheap and delicious!

Spare Rib Express
Phone: 079-3317788

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