Quick and Tasty Bite @ Bread! in Schiphol Airport

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Ham sandwich
To beat the evening afterwork crowd, I decided to hit straight to the airport as early as 3pm even though my flight was scheduled for departure only at 8pm in the evening.

Since there was a 5 hours long waiting window, I know my little tummy won't be satisfied with merely biscuits and chocolate. I just need to get something solid before I board to the airplane.

I tried to avoid fast food as food high in trans fats and salt can also lead to fluid retention which in turns can cause heartburn and swollen feet. Instead, I opt for a healthier option, sandwich and juice at the Bread!.
Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

Schiphol Airport Amsterdam
Located at Lounge 3 in Schiphol Airport, the Bread! is hard to miss with it's gigantic BREAD logo. The Bread! serves a wide variety of sandwiches from €5. Travelers can either go for the pre-made selection (also refers as 'fast-lane') or the made-to-order menu.

My pick was the ham sandwich from the 'fast-lane' and the banana strawberry smoothies, while Pheobie opted the all-day-breakfast set from the made-to-order menu.

The sandwich filling was pretty generous with cheese spread, rockets, roasted cherry tomatoes and ham slices. Oh ya, you may request the attendant to toast the bread for you before serving. I simply adore the banana strawberry smoothies. Prepared fresh, the smoothies was really refreshing and was an ideal drink to quench the thirst.
the Bread! Schiphol Airport

The all-day-breakfast set was slightly at the pricey side, but the portion was pretty substantial though. It came with a slice of white bread, scrambled egg, hash browns, 2 rashes of bacons and fresh tomato slices.
the Bread! Schiphol Airport
the Bread! Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

I wasn't WOW over by the food serve here, but it is definitely an above average and healthier alternative than the usual fast-food chains. Seriously, I wouldn't want to board the plane with bloated tummy for a 12hr long haul flight.
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