Simple, Quick & Tasty Chinese Vegetarian Dish

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vegetarian mock meat with cucumber, carrot and pineapple cubes
Home cook food is indeed the best cure to homesickness.

I miss mom's cooking terribly and decided to replicate her signature dish to ease my homesickness. Mom's homecook dishes can be very elaborate but there is this vegetarian dish which is very simple to make. It requires minimal effort yet taste absolutely great.

Check out my simple recipe.

  • a tin of vegetarian mock meat, 
  • cucumber
  • carrot cut into slices (0.5cm thick) 
  • a canned of pineapple. You may use fresh pineapple instead.
* no additional cooking oil is required since the canned mock meat already contained sufficient oil. 

Stir fry the vegetarian mock meat in medium high heat. Once the mock meat starts to bubble, add in the carrot slices, cucumber and pineapple cubes. Stir fry the vegetables and mock meat. Simmer for 5 minutes to marry all the flavors.  Plate out and serve the vegetarian dish with a bowl of fluffy white rice.

Check out the vibrant color of the dish. Tempting and mouth watering! I really had a huge appetite for this dish, 2 bowls of rice in a go...
vegetarian mock abalone

Additional tips
a. You could easily buy canned mock meat from most Asian grocers. It comes with a few flavors such as mock duck, chop-suey, sweet and sour pork etc. For me, I prefer the vegetarian mock abalone version.
b. The canned mock meat is pre-cooked and you can eat straight from the can. It is flavorful and no additional seasoning is required when preparing the dish.
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