Bakehouse Chicken & Bacon Pie

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Bakehouse Chicken & Bacon Pie

I am totally aware that ready made food is packed with sodium and preservatives, and it is best to cut down the intake if possible. However, I can be easily tempted to secretly stock-up on a few packets in my freezer especially when there are new items on the shelve.

Ya, check out this Bakehouse Chicken & Bacon Pie from Green Isle. They look absolutely tempting from the packaging itself. In this post, let's review how the pies tasted. 

Green Isle

There are 2 pies in a box. The unbaked frozen pies are flat and pale in look. The pie rose and doubled the size after baking in the oven for 30-35 minutes at 175c.

Overall, the pies tasted pretty good especially the puff. I like the baked fluffy crust and not overly buttery in taste. The cream sauce chicken and bacon filling is slightly creamier than I expected but can be overcome with some chili sauce. Unlike what is shown on the packaging photo, the pie is packed with chunky chicken and bacon pieces. It is not the case in reality. 70% of the filling is cream sauce and chicken and bacon pieces just submerge underneath. To me, it is more like having chicken and bacon cream soup. So guys, images can be deceiving.

Chicken & Bacon Pie

A pie is not entirely filling, so I have other side dishes i.e. pan fried potatoes and sweet corn to pair with the dish.

Not a bad try and I do recommend it to those who love pies as the pastry puff scores.

Bakehouse Chicken & Bacon Pie
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