Rice rolls with bacon and meat floss

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rice roll

I crave for carbo, particularly rice. While I was thinking of making some kimbap to satisfy my cravings, I realized that I was running out of seaweed wrap or kim (seaweed in Korean). With outdoor temperature firmly below 0 degree, I was too lazy to step out from my cozy cave to 'hunt' for seaweeds from the nearby supermarket. I was totally fine to go without seaweed for my kimbap. So, instead of making kimbap, I created rice rolls.

Rice is plain in taste, so we usually wrap a layer of seaweed to further flavor the kimbap. Since I will go without the seaweed wrap for my rice rolls, I am selective with the filling. Tamago (egg roll) can be a little bit mild in taste, so, I opted for bacon strips as they paired perfectly with plain rice. I added other ingredients to my rice rolls too. Let's check out the recipe.


cooked plain rice
bacon strips
cucumber slices
sweet chili sauce
sesame seeds
meat floss with seaweed flakes (optional)


1. Pan fried the bacon strips and set a side.
2. Spread a layer of cooked rice on a cling film, 15x15cm.
3. Place the filling (pan-fried bacon strips, chicken floss, cucumber slices) in the middle of the rice spread.
4. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top of the filling.
5. Top generous amount of sweet chili sauce and mayonnaise.
6. Roll the rice together with the fillings and sauce to form a rice roll.

For healthier version, you may oven baked the bacon strips. Meat floss is not a must for this recipe, but it does help to enhance the overall flavor of your rice roll as they match perfectly well with mayonnaise.

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