Singapore Laksa by Prima Taste

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Prima Taste

I have been looking for the premix Laksa sauce by Prima Taste from the local Asian grocers but my effort was in vain. Mei bought me a pack of Laksa premix by Prima Taste when she was here several years ago. I like it very much. Unfortunately they are hard to find. The closest match I could find here is the Singapore Laksa La Mian by Prima Taste.
Prima Taste

I did have high expectation, since it is produced by Prima Taste. However, I was let down a bit as it did not taste as good as the premix Laksa sauce bought by Mei. Perhaps it is the la mian version aka instant noodle version, so the taste is a bit lacking. In addition, unlike the full pack premix Laksa sauce, it does not come with additional sambal sauce (shrimp paste chili sauce) and lime juice.

The overall taste is not too great but acceptable. The laksa gravy is mild, diluted and less spicy. It lacked the oomph for spicy lovers. Perhaps some extra sambal and lime juice may do wonders. But, if you prefer milder version of laksa, it will suit you.

There are basically 3 main ingredients in the pack - la mian (think, round noodles), laksa paste and coconut milk powder. The way to prepare the laksa is very simple, pretty similar to the standard steps for instant noodles prep.
(Note: The laksa paste is labelled as (A) Laksa Paste and the coconut milk powder and other ingredient is labelled as (B) Laksa Premix.)

1 packet of Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian
1/2 hard boiled egg
500ml water
fried bean curd
cucumber (julienne cut)
fried onion as garnish

1. In 500ml water, add premix packet (A) and (B). Mix well and bring to boil.
2. Add in the noodles and cook for 5 mins under low heat.
3. Add in the fried bean curd and cook for another 2 mins.
4. Transfer the noodles and soup into the serving bowl.
5. Add your favorite side dishes - hard-boiled egg, cucumber.
6. Garnish your laksa with fried onion.

If you prefer your laksa with prawns, do add in the prawns at step 3.
Bean sprouts goes well with laksa. You may substitute the cucumber with bean sprouts. You may add in the bean sprouts at step 3, but reduce the cooking time to 1 min. Alternatively, you may cook the bean sprouts separately (1 min in boiling water) to avoid over cook. Garnish it on top of the laksa before serving.

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