Chives Omelette

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wild chives

Rong got me a big bag of wild chives which she harvested from the nearby village. The chives looks pretty different from the ordinary chives sold in local supermarkets. Instead of the usual green blades and hollow stalks, these wild chives are leafy with calla lily looking flower bulbs (closed).

I tried to Goggle online to find out which species the chives belongs to. Unfortunately no exact match was found. The closest I can find is Chinese chives. Even though these green bunches are 'non-chives' looking but they tasted very chives-y. The mild garlic smell immediately fills the air when you cut and chop the veggie.

My wild chives omelette turned out great and it tasted exactly like the omelette made by the ordinary chives.

3 eggs (beaten)
chives (cut to 2-3cm length)
cooking oil
soy sauce

1. Add soy sauce and pepper into egg beaten and mix well.
2. Heat up some cooking oil in a pan. Stir fry chives for 2 min under medium heat.
3. Pour in the egg mixture. Cook until both side turn golden brown.
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