Houseboat in Europe

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‘Do you own a houseboat?’

Perhaps it is not uncommon to ask this question to a Dutch. A stroll along the canals, you may spot boats in various sizes docking. You may also be surprise to see letter boxes standing next to the canal too.

Yes, these are not the usual fishing boat. In fact, these are the home to some people who prefer to stay floating rather than on the land. The boat is a house, a transport, a source of food i.e. instead of buying fish from the market, you may just fish right from your boat. 3-in-1, isn’t that great to have a houseboat?

House boat along Rotterdam Canal
Canal in Rotterdam

House boat along Rotterdam Canal
Rien Sans Dieu Boat of Rotterdam
My last visit to Stockholm has in fact brought me a chance to stay in the hotelboat. The cabin in the hotelboat is rather small. The cabin is merely 12m² with a double decker bed, a small coffee table and a heater. Just like the backpacker hostels, the bathrooms and toilets are shared among the hotel guests.

I was pretty happy with the stay despite the small room and shared facilities. The hotelboat is simply the choice for a backpacker like me as it is cheap and convenient. Just for your information, the boats are just a mere 10min walk from the subway station.

Hotelboat is something you should not miss when you visit Stockholm!

LogInn Hotel, Stockholm
Loginn Hotel, Stockholm
The Red Boat Hotel Stockholm
The Red Boat, Stockholm
The Red Boat Hotel Stockholm
Cabin in The Red Boat

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