Wake Me Up When Autumn Comes

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

I am completely awoke as the awesome autumn has arrived ...

Autumn signifies romance, beauty and colours. For me, autumn is much more than that, it is the most mysterious time of the year. Almost every year without fail, I will spend at least a week in Europe. However, I have yet to visit Europe during autumn. Why? It still baffles me till now.

The spell has finally broken in 2012! Yes, you read me right. For once, I finally got the chance to savor my very first autumn in Europe.

I feel like I am stepping into a colorful fairyland. Everything is so surreal and sometimes, I really thought I am living in my own dreams. Perhaps, I am awoke in my own autumn's dream.

Anyway, I know I've fallen for the fall ...

Autumn in The Netherlands

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