The Perfect Breakfast: 5 minute soft-boiled egg

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My perfect breakfast - soft boiled eggs with runny yolk and a slice of toast!

I was in pre-school then and used to join my grandpa for breakfast. And, this was what mom would make for grandpa and me every morning. Grandpa would enjoy this with his Kopi-O (black coffee) and I would have mine with a cup of Milo (chocolate malt drink).

The Perfect Breakfast: 5 minute soft-boiled egg

Since we have no electric toaster in our kitchen back then, the toasts were prepared over charcoal fire. As for the eggs, a special yellow-and-white color plastic gadget was used to make soft boiled eggs. Mom just placed the eggs in the gadget and pour some boiling water into the container. In a short few minutes, the water in the container will be drained, and the perfect soft boiled eggs were ready!

Seriously I have no idea where to get the gadget if you ask me. However, I can share with you another simple and fast method to make the prefect soft boiled egg. Here you go ...

Step 1: Get a pot with a lid and place the eggs in the pot (Note: eggs must be in room temperature)
Step 2: Pour the boiling water until it just covers the eggs and put on the lid for 5 minutes
Step 3: Remove the eggs and crack it in a tea saucer. Add some soy source and pepper according to your preference. Enjoy!

The runny yolk is undoubtedly the highlight of the egg. This is my perfect way to enjoy the yolk. First, break the yolk gently with a spoon. Next, mix the running yolk with some pepper and soy source. Enjoy it while it is still warm with a piece of brown toast.

Yum... it tastes divinely good!

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