Great Thai Food at The Thai Box Restaurant in The Hague

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The Thai Box Restaurant in The Hague
Tom Yum Kong with succulent fresh shrimps
I have been to Red Box, Green Box and this time round, my stop was at The Thai Box.

Just like the name suggested, The Thai Box is a Thai restaurant situated in the heart of China Town, the Hague. This little gem is one of the very few Thai restaurants which offers lunch service. Run by native Thais, the restaurant serves very authentic Thai cuisine.

Even though there isn't any English menu available in the restaurant, the waitress did try her best to go through the menu in limited English. We felt abit greedy that day due to the icy weather and let loose by ordering a Thai Box appetizer platter, a bowl of TomYum Kong (Thai spicy and sour soup with shrimps) and a bowl of red curry chicken with coconut milk to go with steam Thai fragrant rice.  

The food here was absolutely spot-on, even with its complementary snack -- the fried crackers with spicy sambal paste. An ordinary piece of fried cracker tasted wonderful once eaten with the restaurant's special shrimp paste sambal.

The Thai Box Restaurant in The Hague
Crackers with spicy sambal paste
The Thai Box Restaurant in The Hague
Puro tea

The Thai Box Platter is a combination of the best appetizers on the menu. The platter comprises of pandan chicken, satay (or sate), spring roll with minced chicken, fried shrimp in crispy batter, veggie fish cake, fried dumpling and deep fried rice vermicelli in sour sauce. Every morsel was lip-smacking good especially when eaten with the condiments and 2 types of home-made chili sauces. Indeed a great choice for starter.
The Thai Box Restaurant in The Hague
The Thai Box platter

Next on the menu was Tom Yum Kong soup. It ticked all the right boxes when comparing with authentic Thai version by having the right sourness and spiciness level amplified by the generous usage of Thai herb aromatics. Coupled with mushrooms, plump and succulent shrimps, the Tom Yum Kong was indeed a very well executed dish.
The Thai Box Restaurant in The Hague
Tom Yum Kong

The Thai red curry chicken with coconut milk was highly recommended by the waitress. It was proven right as this was another great dish from the Thai Box. The chicken slices were tender and flavorful while the spicy and tangy gravy matched perfectly with the fluffy Thai fragrant rice. Not to mention, the portion was pretty generous too.
The Thai Box Restaurant in The Hague
Red curry chicken with coconut milk

The refreshing red onion cucumber pickles that came with the Thai red curry chicken set.
The Thai Box Restaurant in The Hague
Refreshing salad in vinegar

A table full of yummy Thai food only costs less than 30. Simply value for money!
The Thai Box Restaurant in The Hague
A table full of food

With minimal fanfare, The Thai Box has just exploded to the top of my list of best Asian restaurants in the Hague. Great food, impeccable service, pleasant ambiance and reasonable price menu. Two thumbs-up to The Thai Box!

The Thai Box

Rabbijn Maarsenplein 3 
China Town The Hague
2512 HJ Den Haag
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