The Must Try Dutch Street Snack: Kibbeling

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United Kingdom is famous for their fish-and-chips. Do you know that Dutch is also well-known for their own version of fish and chips too?

I am actually referring to the famous Dutch street snacks, 'Patat Oorlog' (fries seasoned with salt and top with sauce) and 'Kibbeling' (deep-fried nugget-sized chunks of cod fish).

Kibbeling, the deep-fried cod fish cutlets

Resistance is futile whenever I passed-by stalls that sells Kibbeling, the unmistakable aroma of deep-fried fish in crispy batter would never fail to draw me in time and again. Kibbeling is typically sold by fishmonger in stalls or mobile seafood truck which can be easily located at the weekend market everywhere in the Netherlands. For major tourist spots, there are usually shops instead of food trucks selling these all-time-favourite snacks.

The battered fried fish are not the only fish products sold. There are also fresh fishes and seafood products on sales too. Tourists would usually go for bite size kibbeling or standard size lekkerbekje (fried cods fillets fish-and-chips size). As for the locals, the pickled salted herring fillets, also known as rollmops and smoked eel (gerookte paling) are their usual picks.

Perhaps I am not that adventurous when it comes to seafood. Hence, it did not cross my mind to order a serving of rollmop for a try. Seriously, they looks a little bit too raw for me. 

I know it will never go wrong with the kibbeling though, big chunks of fresh cod fish, covered by a thin layer of crispy batter and top off with a secret seasoning of spices were simply delectable and heart warming in this torrid winter climate. A quick dip in mayonnaise and in lightning speed sending these morsel into my mouth ... I was left speechless. It tasted heavenly good! The secret lies in the ultra fresh, flaky cod fillets and the well seasoned batter.

Kibbeling is indeed a highly recommended and must try street snack which you should not miss when you are in the Netherlands!

One serving of Kibbeling
Dutch Haring
Hollandse Nieuwe Haring Stall
Dutch Haring
Hollandse Nieuwe Haring food counter
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