Appeltaart, The Classic Dutch Dessert

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apple pie from Hema
Appeltaart from Hema

Appeltaart, also known as apple pie in English is the classic Dutch dessert. This popular dessert is not hard to find and is served or sold in almost every restaurant, cafe, bakery and supermarket in the Netherlands.

The homemade apple pies serve by WINKEL is undoubtedly the standard bearer for this sweet delicacy. According to the locals, tasting a slice of WINKEL's famous apple pies is considered a must if you are in city of Amsterdam. The apple pies are literally selling like hot cakes during the weekend and do expect a long wait before you could reach for a slice of heavenly tasting appeltaart.

Since I am not going to Amsterdam any time soon, my local friend suggested me to grab a slice from the famous supermarket chain, Hema instead. Although I have not tasted the best apple pie from WINKEL, the appeltaart from Hema is not a disappointment at all. The apple filling just melted in my mouth and not too sweet, plus the apple fillings are cooked to perfection. Mushy apple chunks are a big no no when it comes to apple pie.

The crust on the bottom and around the edge is really the highlight of this appeltaart. The Dutch version of pie crust is light and with cake like texture. Perhaps that is the secret of the moist bottom crust.

A whole round tart costs 4 and can comfortably serve 4 person, about a Euro per slice, affordable isn't it? Just heat it up in the oven for a couple of minutes for a sweet treat conveniently in your home.

How close does this appeltaart taste compares to the famous WINKEL's apple pie? I should be able to tell once I have a bite of the famous apple pie in Amsterdam :)

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