Hidden Gem Green Tree Caffe @ Bratislava

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Still full from the heavy breakfast, we decided to have something light for lunch. Simple sandwich and a cup of coffee would fit the bill nicely.

After wandering around the Bratislava Old Town Square, we found this little 'green' café named Green Tree Caffe. Not very eye-catchy from the front, with simple deco and many might mistaken it as just a ice-cream shop. However, the Green Tree Caffe offers more than that ...

Besides ice-cream, which a fair share of people pop-by the shop for, you can get freshly prepared Panini, hot or cold beverages, cakes and pastries here too. Almost the same concept as the fancier Starbucks or Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf café chain back home, except the latter two do not serve ice-cream. Not a wide selections per say but sufficient though for the customer to pick. If nothing in the menu fancies you  … I bet you still can’t resist the ice-cream temptation. You will still walk out the café with an ice-cream cone.

Green Tree Caffe, Bratislava

Despite still full from the heavy breakfast, I still required to replenish some energy for the ‘uphill exploration’ in Bratislava Castle later. I ordered myself the cheese and ham Panini lunch menu which comes with a 250ml bottle of coca-cola (the lunch set cost less than 3). The piping hot, freshly prepared ham&cheese Panini was so good. The fully melted cheese coated the shredded ham together and was oozing in between the thin crusts Panini. Lovely!

Green Tree Caffe, Bratislava

Phoebe opted for the cappuccino ice-blend and a butter croissant. Unable to resist the temptation of a mouthwatering raspberries custard pie, we ordered one for sharing.  I like the tangy taste of the raspberries custard pie, very refreshing indeed. The custard and the raspberries just blended in so perfectly.

Green Tree Caffe, Bratislava

Not only was the food wonderful, I was deeply in love with the ambiance and decor too, especially the basement. Converted from century old building, the basement still maintains the gothic feel and look architecture, exposed bricks and archy walkway design.

Check out the sofa at the cozy corner. There are really comfortable. If time allow, I don’t mind to spend my entire afternoon here.
Green Tree Caffe, Bratislava

Instead of the marble floor, the reading corner at the ground floor is fixed with the transparent glass which could see though the basement that creates the "suspended in the air" feel.
Green Tree Caffe, Bratislava

Simple looking shop but with hidden gem … The Green Tree Caffe is definitely worth a pit-stop or more.
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