Frozen Yoghurt Waffles & Coffee @ Amsterdam

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Frozen Yoghurt Waffles & Coffee, Amsterdam
There wasn't a second thought when I passed by this shop while strolling along the famous shopping street in Amsterdam. Straight in, grabbed a cup and loaded it with various flavour of frozen yoghurt from the machine and finally topped it up with my favorite toppings - strawberry, rock-melon and sago pearls.

I couldn't express the felling on how much I miss my favorite Froyo (short form for 'fro'zen 'yo'gurt) back home. Frozen yoghurt is just like bubble tea, very well accepted by the fellow Malaysians. These shops are like mushroom after the rain, can be easily found in almost every malls.

It is well trusted as the best dessert after meal due to the strong believe that yoghurt is a much healthier option than ice-cream. It might be otherwise (since another school of thought believe yogurt is much fattening), but I don't really mind as I just like the creamy texture and tangy taste profile of frozen yoghurt.
Frozen Yoghurt Waffles & Coffee, Amsterdam
With most of the countries having frozen yoghurt shops on every corner, it is kind of novelty over here in the Netherlands. Hence, there is no way I can walk away from it.

Absolutely refreshing, the mango, strawberry and blueberry flavor chilled creamy frozen yoghurt. Pair with fresh fruits and sago pearls, it tastes heavenly. Unlike the ice-cream and Gelato which leave you in thirst afterwards, frozen yoghurt on the other hand quenches your thirst and leaves you with natural fruity aftertaste.

If you are a frozen yoghurt lover too, just look for this sign for a cup of refreshing frozen yoghurt when you strolling around Amsterdam!

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