Taro Japanese Restaurant, London

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The online reviews for Taro Japanese Restaurant, London are good. Since we were shopping around the Oxford Street, we decided to stop-by the restaurant for some Japanese treats.

It was about noon (before 12 noon to be precise), and there were already some patrons in the restaurant, mainly the locals I reckon. Customers started to swamp in when it got to 12.15pm and almost 70% of the seats where gone in a jiffy. The advantages of being the early birds are i)you get to choose the best seats and ii) you can take your time to browse through the menu. That were exactly what we did!!

Nothing beats a bowl of warm home specialty tonkotsu ramen on a chill day (yeah, it was a rainy afternoon). If possible, I wish the soup could be a bit more richer in taste, just like the one serves in Menya Musashi - milky pork soup. This is considered pretty good for European standard. I like the chewiness of the ramen.
You will never go wrong with curry katsu don (curry chicken fillet with rice). Yeah, it proved me right again. The chicken cutlet was cooked to perfection. The cutlet remained crunchy from the outside even soaked long in the curry gravy. Such a comforting food - a spoonful of rice with the curry potato/carrot and a thin slice of chicken cutlet. Delish.
I like the curry katsu don so much that I will surely come back for that during my next trip to London. Perhaps, I will forego the ramen and opt for the bento sets next time.

Taro Japanese restaurant is conveniently located near Totemham Court Road station at 10 Old Compton Street.  
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