Tasty Pan Mee with Mou Klassiske Hønsekød Suppe

Saturday, March 05, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

Mee Hoon Kueh
I always use the Knorr chicken cubes as the soup base for my noodles and pan mee soup. Recently Fei introduced me to the frozen soup, Mou klassiske hønsekød suppe (Danish classic chicken soup). This has indeed brought a 'breakthrough' in my pan mee recipe. The soup coupled with some secret twists led to super delicious pan mee.

For the interest of time, I will not repeat method for pan mee dough. You may refer to my older post on Homemade-Pan-Mee. In this post, I will share on the additional twists that help to enhance the taste of my 'upgraded' pan mee.

A pack of Mou classic chicken soup is sufficient for 2 bowls of pan mee. The soup is well seasoned and there is no additional seasoning required. The soup comes with vegetable chunks too including carrot, celery, radish etc. I like greens, so I added some spinach into my soup. Shiitake mushroom does wonder to the pan mee too. Instead of boiling them in the soup, I opted to sauteed the finely chopped mushrooms with a bit of cooking oil and salt in order to bring out the earthy flavors of shiitake mushrooms. The mushroom serves as a great condiment to the pan mee, an added crunch to the overall taste.

For the finishing touch, I topped the pan mee with other condiments such as shredded egg, homemade fried shallots, a dash of lemon juice and some chili slices. Voila, the perfect 'upgraded' version of homemade pan mee is done.
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