Homemade Golden Curry Potato Puff Recipe

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homemade curry puff
Self confess that I am pretty ignorant to baking ingredients, mainly because I actually don't bake until recently when I discovered  the magic of frozen puff pasty dough in local supermarkets. There are quite a varieties of dough you can choose upon, pizza dough, tarts dough, puff pastry and even cinnamon cookies dough especially for ginger bread man cookies.

I opted for puff pastry dough on my first attempt of homemade curry potato puff. The curry puffs turned out to be remarkably delicious and I am a proud 'baker' to share my successful recipe.

What you need are: 350g frozen puff pasty dough (light butter version), 250g potatoes (cut into small cubes), curry powder, water, salt, sugar, cooking oil and an egg yolk (optional).

1. Par boil the potato cubes in water until 80% soft. Drained the potato cubes, set aside.
2. Heat up some cooking oil in the skillet. Put in the drained potato cubes, salt, sugar and curry powder and stir fry (under low heat) until the potatoes are completely cooked. Do add in some water to make the potatoes cook evenly.
Now the filling is ready, we can start with the wrapping process.
3. Cut the pastry dough to 10cm x 10cm sheets (square shape). 
4. Place a small scope of potatoes filling in the middle of the square pastry sheet and fold it to form a triangle shape.
5. Use a fork to seal the pastry edge by slightly pressing it.
6. Pre-heat oven at 200°C and bake pastries for 18-20min until they turn golden brown.

The curry puffs can now be served. Simple recipe indeed ... 

Tips For more appealing golden color, do brush some egg yolk on the surface of the pastries before putting them into the oven. (My curry puffs turned out to be slightly pale in color as I forgot the egg yolk).
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