Egg-Ham-Cheese Tortilla Pizza

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The gloomy and chill weather led me to switched into hibernating mode. I suddenly feel like a reptile as my movement is slowed down considerably and I am sleepy all the time. These are the days I don't feel like cooking. I just need a quick fix without stepping out from the house. Delivery sounds rather luxurious for me (especially for this month) given the fact that there are a few birthday celebrations taking place this month. I need to save for birthday gifts :(

Pizza is always my favourite quick fix as they are simple to prepare and most importantly no heavy cleaning is required. I do not always have all the basic ingredients for pizza available in my pantry, however, it does not stop me from making pizza at home. For instance, I substituted pizza dough with tortilla wrap (as pizza base) and beaten eggs as the pizza sauce.

Here is the quick recipe of my Egg-Ham-Cheese Tortilla Pizza.

Ingredients: 2 slices of tortilla wrap, 1 beaten egg, hams (in cubes), mozzarella cheese and some pepper.

1. Spread the egg mix on the tortilla wrap, follow by the hams.
2. Sprinkle some black pepper and top the tortilla wrap with handful of mozzarella cheese.
3. Bake in oven for 12 minutes under 175c.

With the absent of pizza sauce, I was initially skeptical with the taste. To my surprise, the tortilla pizza actually tasted pretty good. The egg blended in very well with cheese and ham. It added extra thickness to the tortilla texture and extra fragrant eggy aroma too.
Minus off the sodium from the pizza sauce, my egg-ham-cheese tortilla pizza is deemed to be healthier.   

I like the crisp of the baked tortilla wrap. The tortilla pizza tasted like crispy crackers.

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