Sesame Sweet Potato Balls Recipe

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We bid good-bye to Ms. Summer and we now welcome Mr. Fall.

Weather starts to turn chill since early of the week and I longed for a bowl of sweet potato soup to warm myself up. I've gotten a 500g of sweet potatoes from the supermarket and was so ready for the 'great dessert for the day'. Somehow there was a change in plan after I spotted a simple recipe on purple sweet potato pancake with sesame seeds. It is deemed to be a healthy snacks as you barely need anything else except the sweet potatoes and sesame seeds. I was so tempted to give it a try and I actually traded off my long-love sweet potato soup.

However, the initial recipe turned out to be failure. The texture of the mashed sweet potatoes was way too soft and they kept falling apart. The sweet potato mixture kept on getting stuck on the frying-pan after contacting with the heat (even with low heat). Only 20% of what I made were in good shape. Check out the last image attached, in case you are curious on how the 'defect' pancakes looked like.

Hence I attempted to salvage the sweet potato mashed by transforming them to  delicious yet sinful pan-fried sesame sweet potato balls instead. 

400g of sweet potatoes (skinned and sliced to 2-3cm thick)
200g of all purpose flour
2 tbsp of sesame seed
a pinch of salt
sugar (optional)
cooking oil (sufficient for pan-frying)

1. Steam the sliced sweet potatoes in the steamer until they turned soft.
2. Mashed the sweet potatoes.
3. Add in the all-purpose flour, salt, sesame seeds and mix everything well.
(You may add-in sugar if you prefer the sweeter version or vice versa)
4. Use both of your palms to shape the mashed sweet potato to any circular form you prefers.
5. Heat-up the cooking oil in the skillet and pan fry the sweet potato balls till golden brown.

The nutty taste from the sesame seeds has indeed added a great twist to the sweet potato balls. It helps to balance up the sweetness from the sweet potatoes. Pretty addictive snack I would say. I can easily finish the whole 400g of sweet potato balls all by myself.

The defects ... 

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