Quick and Tasty Tuna Baguette @ BackWerk or Bake&Take

Wednesday, December 19, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Whenever I walk by BackWerk or 'Bake & Take' bakery shop, my heart will long for the sumptuous baguette and sandwiches due to the strong aroma of freshly baked bread. Without realizing it, I have developed a routine of stopping-by the Bake&Take Bakery (also known as BackWerk in Dutch) at Turfmarkt street to grab a quick lunch after my workshops.

There are a variety of fresh breads, sandwiches and pastries on offer daily. Just like the tagline suggested, Goedkoper. Sneller. Lekkerder! -- it is valued for money, quick and tasty. Undeniably, the snacks and sandwiches sold here are 30% to 50% cheaper than the average competitors. Plus the rolls are freshly baked everyday.

My pick for the day was the tuna baguette. I simply adore the crunchiness of their freshly baked baguette. Coupled with the savory tuna spread and fresh iceberg lettuce, it just hit all the right spots for me. At just 1.99 a pop for this delicious tuna baguette, I am indeed a happy and satisfied girl!

Bake&Take Tuna Baguette

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