Limburg Red Wine Cherry Pie

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Limburg Red Wine Cherry Pie
Cracking your head for the perfect desserts to serve to your guests during the festive seasons? Let me share with you some of my quick dessert tips.

If you are in the Netherlands, I would recommend Limburg Red Wine Cherry pie sold in Albert Heijn (AH) supermarket. Half a pie that can comfortably serve 6 person only cost 3 Euros. This famous red wine cherry pie is freshly baked and delivered daily from Limburg, the southern most provinces in the Netherlands.

The crust of the pastry is crunchy on the outside while the red cherry filling is rich without being overly sweet. It is quite addictive even just after your first few bites. You may serve the pie either cold from fridge or reheat in the oven for a couple of minutes before serving.

Since it is winter season now, I prefer my pie to be served warm. Hence I re-heated the pie in the oven for 5 minutes. Before serving, I topped my pie up with some frozen winter berries to provide the extra zing and flavor contrast between hot and cold. Yummy.... it tasted really good.

Still have some left over winter berries in your fridge? Not to worry. Just scoop one or two spoonful of sorbet (any flavour) and top it up with some frozen winter berries. Add in some whipped cream or custard if you prefers. There you go, another way to indulge yourself with great desserts without damaging your wallet.

Fruit sorbet
Winter Berries Sorbet with Frozen mixed berries

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