Ovomaltine, the perfect MILO replacement?

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MILO is undoubtedly my all time favorite cocoa malt drink. It has accompanied me since I can barely walk on my own. In other words, I grew up with MILO.

I always kick-start my day with a cup of hot MILO. MILO is such a fulfilling drink which you can enjoy almost anytime of the day. Either cold or hot, with or without added sugar, MILO tastes equally awesome. A glass of MILO 'O' Ice is something I look forward to quench my thirst during the hot and humid days back home. Ever since the MILO tetra pack was introduced, I made it one of the 'must-have-items' in my fridge. It is so convenient and could be offered to my guests at home too.

MILO is so versatile that you can even use it as breadspread. When I got bored with fruit jams and peanuts butter spread, I will grab my favourite MILO instead. Just sprinkle a spoonful of MILO powder on the bread, ... eemm... eemm, it tastes really good!

Ever since I have relocated to Europe, I went without MILO for over 2 months. Blame it on the tight European custom regulations that prohibit the importation of any food products with milk. I seriously miss my MILO dearly. However lady luck is on my side, I managed to score 2 sample packs of cocoa malt drink - Ovomaltine during my weekend sojourn to the near-by supermarket. Anticipation quickly turned to disappointment as Ovomaltine did not even come close to my dear MILO in terms of taste and creaminess. The complimented breadspread was also too sweet for my liking either. Perhaps my judgment was clouded due to my fondness to MILO.

I later found out Ovomaltine is actually known as Ovaltine back home but is only a relatively minor player in the cocoa malt drink sector. With little exposure it may explains why Ovomatine is not my perfect replacement for MILO.

p/s: sorry guys, there isn't any MILO's images for this post. I never thought of writing a post about MILO and hence didn't bother to take any photos of MILO while I could access it anytime ... sigh~~

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