Dutch Blue Delftware: The Amazing 12700 Miles Journey

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Delft pottery or more popularly known as Delftware refers to blue and white pottery made in and around the city of Delft in the Netherlands since the 1600s.

Royal Dutch Airline, KLM present these small Delftware in the form of old Dutch canal houses that filled with Jenever (a type of Dutch liquor) as gifts to their first and business class passengers on the long-haul flights.

I got these 3 beautiful Delft miniature Dutch canal houses while traveling with KLM on the Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam  flight 3 years back. While the distance between Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam is approximately 6350 miles.

Dutch Blue Delfware
KLM Dutch Blue Delftware
I was really surprised when these Blue Delft miniature houses suddenly appear while unpacking my shipment after arrival in the Netherlands. This is because I did not recall packing them for the relocation in the first place. How did these Delftware make the 6350 miles intercontinental journey then? 
Blame it on the packers. They must have accidentally wrapped and packed the miniature houses into the carton boxes to be shipped to The Netherlands. Perhaps, these 3 Dutch Blue Delftware may have just claimed the world record as the furthest traveled Blue Delft miniature houses: a total of 12,700 miles.
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