Homemade Fillet-O-Fish with Iglo Vissticks

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Iglo Vissticks
The long awaited AH's Route 99 campaign was here again (from 8th - 21th Apr), where selected items were sold at rock bottom price of  €0.99. One of the items on sale was my favourite Iglo fish stick, known as iglo vissticks in Dutch. Instinctively, I just grabbed 2 packs and dropped into my cart.

I had tried various brands of fish sticks or fish fingers, iglo vissticks is by far the best. It has non of the usual muddy and fishy in taste and most importantly it does not turn soggy after baking. That's the reason why it is always the perfect fish patty for my homemade 'Fillet-O-Fish'.

Check out the simple steps to prepare my homemade 'Fillet-O-Fish'.

Ingredients: a round burger bun, 2 iglo fish sticks, a slice of cheese and honey mustard sauce (I like the nutty flavor of mustard seeds. You may opt for mayonnaise or tartar sauce instead).
Homemade Fillet-O-Fish with Iglo Vissticks
First, heat up the fish sticks in a pre-heated oven of 200c for 15 minutes. Set aside. Next, top the cheese slices on the halved burger bun. Pop the bun into the oven for 3 minutes until the bun is lightly browned and the cheese is melted. Lastly, assemble the fish sticks on the melted cheese and follow by some honey mustard sauce. Voila ... the homemade 'Fillet-O-Fish' is ready to be served.

I like my Fillet-O with some greens too. So, I added some cucumber slices to it. Crunchy and refreshing, I just adore the combo.
iglo fish sticks

Satisfaction guaranteed, you will never go wrong with iglo vissticks . For those who are interested to try out the fish sticks, just look for the packaging as depicted below in your nearby grocers or supermarkets.
Iglo fish sticks
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