Maggie Mee: Fast to Cook, Good to Eat

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"Fast to cook, good to eat" is the tag line for the popular instant noodles from Maggie. 

Hong Kong's style instant noodles soup
My Kim Gary's Hong Kongstyle instant noodles soup
There weren't a lot of selections previously when it comes to instant noodles and maggi or rather Maggie has practically become synonymous with instant noodles in Malaysia. Maggie is well-liked by the Malaysians and almost every mamak hawker stalls and shops in Malaysia serve dishes made with Maggie instant noodle. The popular ones are Mee Maggie Goreng (fried Maggie instant noodles) and Mee Maggie Sup (Maggie instant noodles soup).

Instant noodles have over time become more and more popular nowadays and we are spoiled with various choices such as Nissin from Japan, Nong Shim from Korea, Mie Sedaap from Indonesia, Mama from Thailand, Tingyi from China, Wei Lih from Taiwan and etc.

During my childhood days, we didn't usually have Maggie as a complete meal at home. Only during rainy nights, dad would cook each of us a bowl of Maggie Curry as supper. Sis and I will happily slurp the soup with noodles and went to bed with a big and satisfying smiles.

It rains again today. Yupe, rainy day is actually lazy day. I know I will be soaking wet if I venture out to hunt for dinner. So, I opened the fridge to see what I can cook based on the available ingredients from the fridge. I found eggs, smoked sausage, ham and some fresh Romaine lettuces. Eemm, sounds like a great idea to have a bowl of steaming hot instant noodles soup, the Hong Kong style tonight!

In a pan, fry the egg, sausage and ham. Pour in the hot water into instant noodles cup, cover for 3 minutes. Transfer the cooked noodles to a big bowl and assemble the egg, sausage, ham and lastly garnish the noodles soup with few leaves of Romaine lettuce.

My version of Kim Gary's nissin noodles soup in 10 minutes. Isn't this fast to cook, good to eat?
Kim Gary style instant noodle
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