Ru Yi Bakery (QQ) @ The Hague

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Ru Yi Bakery in The Hague
Assorted Chinese pastries and cookies
Ru Yi Bakery (如意饼家) always give me the homey feel every-time I walk into the shop. The items on display in the glass cases are the familiar stuffed buns and pastries which are widely sold in pasar malam (night market) back home.

Ru Yi Bakery is one of  very few bakeries in The Hague which sells Asian style stuffed buns and pastries. Hence, please do not expect baguette or colorful macaroons here. 

Asian style buns are usually less elaborate. There are simple buns either top with baked cheese or stuffed with fillings such as pineapple jam, shredded coconut, red bean paste, chunky ham, curry chicken or char siew to name a few.


Perhaps cheese is not commonly eaten in Asia, which explain why the pastries and cookies here are less cheesy. The bakery sells mostly savory pastries like char siew soh (char siew pastry), century egg pastry, curry pie and chicken pie.
Ru Yi Bakery The Hague
Stuffed Buns
Hot snacks such as sesame oil balls (煎堆),  Chinese cruller (油條) and fried spring roll can be found here too. All the item costs a Euro per piece except for special items like sticky rice dumpling (粽子), steamed rice flour roll (河粉) and freshly made bao (包).
Ru Yi Bakery The Hague
Hot snacks
Colorful cakes and Swiss rolls are quite famous here. Many pop-by for these simple looking yet delicious cakes. These cakes are light in taste and less creamy than the one you get from the Western counterparts.
Ru Yi Bakery The Hague
Cakes and Swiss rolls
Thinking of trying the Chinese bakery? Then just look for this signboard. I sometimes refer it as "QQ" due to the cute little logo with two capital Qs!

Ru Yi bakery is currently running a promotion, €9 for a dozen of assorted pastries, cookies or cakes at your choice. Basically a 25% discount.

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