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Chinese fast food: economy rice or noodles with 4 sidelines
Fried noodles with 4 sidelines

Chinese Fast Food is commonly known as economy rice (经济饭) or mixed rice (杂饭) in Malaysia. It is in fact the quick and cheap meal option outside of home for most of the Malaysian Chinese community.

There are a few Chinese fast food outlets in the Hague. Similar in concept as the economy rice stalls back in Malaysia and Singapore, customers can choose any combination of dishes from a variety of cooked food including meat, vegetables, eggs, tofu and etcs to go with a portion of steamed white rice, fried rice or fried noodles. 

It was a cup of Taiwanese bubble tea which drew my attention to this little bakery stall, names St. Anny Dim Sum & Bakery in the Hague Chinatown. To my surprise, the shop offered more than bubble tea, dim sum, cakes and bakery. It also serves the familiar economy rice and roasted chicken and pork.

Pleasant setting and clean surrounding, we settled in for an quick afternoon bite and bubble teas. Phoebe's choice was the sate chicken with fried rice; whilst I opt for the fried noodles with 4 sidelines (combination of 2 types of meats and 2 types of veggies).

The noodles and beef rendang were extremely good. The noodles were moist and chewy; the beef were tender and flavorful. The sate chicken with fried rice, on the other hands was average only. The rice was a tad too dry and the chicken sates were a bit tasteless, perhaps not well marinated. We can't expect having the 5 stars restaurant standard of chicken sates by paying the hawker stall price.

Chicken Satay with fried rice and vegetable
Chicken Sate/Satay with fried rice and vegetable

Yupe, there comes my bubble tea. By the way, I am a big fan of Taiwanese bubble tea. Bubble tea stalls are like mushrooms after the thunderstorm in Malaysia. Steep competitions led to discounts and promotions. I was one of those who seize the opportunity to try out the myriad flavors offered by different bubble tea brands. But those lucky days were long gone. Now, this is the only option I have, the so called Taiwanese flavored bubble tea. Nevertheless, it is quite nice and I was happy with my mango bubble tea.
Taiwanese Mango bubble tea
Mango Bubble Tea

At a mere 15 for a meal including two bubble teas fit for two person is really a great deal in the Hague. I will return soon for the roasted chicken and dim sum, and to savour the yam flavor bubble tea.
Saint Anne Dim Sum and Bakery, the Hague
St. Anny Dim Sum & Bakery

St. Anny Dim Sum & Bakery 
Wagenstraat 77, 
2512 AR Den Haag 
Tel: +31(0)70-3657228

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